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An American citizen can file for bankruptcy only in the designated court which has jurisdiction at the place of his residence.Each Bankruptcy court will have its own office and a clerk for deposition of fees and levies. Bankruptcy courts have done great service to the nation and have stabilized the state of bankruptcies and finance in the USA. there are 94 bankruptcy courts in the USA
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Sweatshop means conditions of work which are unacceptably difficult or dangerous. Sweatshop workers are made to work for long hours, often with very poor pay packets. Most of the time all statutory laws regarding overtime pay or minimum wages are studiously ignored. Child labor laws are also violated with impunity. Most companies cover their tracks as well as have political clout and escape prosecution
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The Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF is a pork-barrel discretionary fund in the Philippines. The House of Representatives receives an annual PDAF of P70M while each senator receives an annual allocation of a whopping P200 million! The President of the Philippines also has what he calls a President's Social Fund (PSF) which is worth more or less P1 billion! Whew. No wonder people are willing to die for politics. Where do these funds come from? The hard earned money of the taxpayers.
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Class action suits flow from English common law. There origin can be traced to the 17th century in England. These suites were heard in the Equity court and termed as bill of peace. In the United States; Justice Joseph Story, who served on the U.S. Supreme Court from 1811 to 1845, was the first person to recognize the importance of class action suits or bill of peace. The principle of a class action suit is similar to a normal suite.
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Military law in the United States can be traced to the British rule. They were the first to enact the Articles of war in 1774 to regulate their army. This is the first recorded code on the American continent. Temperatures were however getting hot between the settlers and the British and the settlers and they realized that war was imminent. They also felt they would need a set of laws to control their own army. This led to the Articles of war 1775, which were adopted by the settlers.
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French inheritance law states that in case a deceased parent had one child the reserved portion is 50 percent of the estate. This goes up to 67 percent in case there are two children and 75 percent in case the deceased parent had 3 or more than three children. The estate is split equally between the children. The balance of the estate can be disposed of by the holder to anybody he deems fit or wants to gift
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The US constitution authorizes accused that are poor and unable to afford an attorney to be represented by an attorney who will be paid from state funds. Legal aid may pay for some or all of the costs of legal representation in court. This is not applicable to all accused, but to a select few who are unable to pay for their defense.
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One aspect of French law is the heavy estate and death duties that are involved in transfers. One of the methods to get out of this is what is known as 'œUsufruit'. One of the popular methods to obviate the payment of French inheritance tax is for the owner of the property to gift their house to their children in their life time. Usufruit lapses with death of the parent
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Theoretically domestic violence cases could be against both men or women, but in practice 95% of the cases of domestic abuse are against women. Most of the cases of domestic violence are against women who are straight and enjoy a normal relationship. In case a woman is subjected to any domestic violence, the first step should be to consult the police
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Jizya is a tax that Muslim governments and rulers enforced on non Muslims. This was not a simple tax, but had deep connotation. Its basic purpose was to hasten conversion to Islam.The Jizya is a tax and is almost like a deal which allowed non-Muslims to continue to live in the Muslim areas with other conditions. It is sanctioned by Muslim Law
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Phantom Alert is a company that alerts drivers about speeding traps and intersections with cameras.  The company sells software that allows other drivers to report areas that could generate tickets due to somewhat hidden police.  It also alerts drivers to areas that have reduced speed such as school zones and railroad tracks.  Phantom Software works with both Andorid and Apple mobile phone technology and also works with GPS systems by TomTom, Garmin or Magellan.  The service ...
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U.S. employers may not use genetic information to screen workers for jobs, benefits, or testimony on work fitness. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act guarantees the worker fit for the work gets selected. No doubts on genetics makeup to stand in their way. The law protects workers against genetic nondiscrimination that ruins the equal opportunity to compete in the labor market.
Published by Adam Benjamin Pollack 52 months ago in Employment Law | +0 votes | 0 comments
Gamblers in the United States, that wish to play online are often confused and wonder if it is actually legal. The laws are convoluted and rather confusing. Before you play, read online casino reviews, participate in online gambling forums and read and understand the odds. Knowing the odds, limiting your time online and prudently managing your wagers provides the best online gambling experience.
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Smaller dollars and cents today are cheap pay for women. The Equal Pay Act ended the days men had a birthright to pay valued at the value produced by the work. At last, women could take home equal pay. The home maker made money at a fair price for the work.
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