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Sexual harassment in the workforce or school environment can have dire consequences upon the victims
Published by carol roach 116 months ago in Employment Law | +12 votes | 25 comments
Copyright law and how it applies to writers and contributors of Factoidz.
Published by Ngozi Nwabineli 117 months ago in Copyrights & Trademarks | +14 votes | 23 comments
Laws we should have, but probably never will.
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 120 months ago in General Law | +10 votes | 23 comments
Facts about the law in personal legal issues. Court law relationship to personal legal protection and ruling.
Published by Roberta Baxter 98 months ago in General Law | +26 votes | 19 comments
Determining the level of corruption of countries across the world is an endeavor undertaken by Transparency International (TI), a non-government organization (NGO) devoted to ending corruption worldwide. TI defines corruption as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”. TI works closely with organizations that investigate and expose corruption, however, they have no legal authority over any state.
Published by Judith Barton 89 months ago in Law & Philosophy | +20 votes | 18 comments
A look at the methods used in death sentencing across the globe.
Published by Tania Ward 90 months ago in Criminal Law | +4 votes | 17 comments
The Internet is laden with copyright & trademark concerns that laws are working at addressing to make the domains safe for everyone. In the wake some mistakes are made by the government closing down websites.
Published by Roberta Baxter 91 months ago in Copyrights & Trademarks | +21 votes | 17 comments
If you are like most middle-class Americans, your perceive the United States Internal Revenue Service, the IRS, as being the enemy. It seems like they are always finding ways to to take more of our hard, earned income at tax time while taking less from the upper classes. If you are like most middle-class Americans, you search the tax rules every tax season to find new deductions that you can take that will keep a few extra bucks in your pocket or that will put a few more dollars in your tax refu...
Published by Jerry Walch 89 months ago in Tax Law | +25 votes | 16 comments
You cannot sue a provider of or a user of an interactive computer service for libel. Section 230 The Communications Decency Act has an immunity clause that holds them safe from prosecution for libel committed by a third-party content provider.
Published by Jerry Walch 91 months ago in General Law | +17 votes | 15 comments
A brief description of the eviction laws and process in the Philippines. It is important for all tenants in the Philippines to know their rights and the laws.
Published by Everett Cook 96 months ago in Real Estate & Leasing | +0 votes | 15 comments
The murder trial for Casey Anthony made headlines all over the world. Casey was released from prison on July 17, 2011 after serving a three year term
Published by carol roach 97 months ago in Criminal Law | +17 votes | 15 comments
U. S. A. PATRIOT Act changed the American government forever. Facts about that executive law and the contents are highlighted in this composition for better understanding for Americans and interested individuals in other countries.
Published by Roberta Baxter 91 months ago in General Law | +30 votes | 14 comments
The State of Oklahoma passed a law on April 14, 2011 declaring June 28th to be recognized as Second Amendment Day. This action was prompted by the Federal Supreme Court decision in the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago, Illinois, 130 S.Ct 3020 (2010)
Published by Jerry Walch 99 months ago in Criminal Law | +23 votes | 14 comments
Should natural born American citizens be deported?
Published by Martha lownsberry 112 months ago in Law & Philosophy | +8 votes | 14 comments
Giving of gifts can be done with legacy presents either after death and while living. Facts here explain how the law can be used or people can designate and leave those gifts without a will.
Published by Roberta Baxter 92 months ago in Estates & Wills | +18 votes | 13 comments
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